Pikolinos Group stores offer a selection of unique footwear from their two iconic brands, Pikolinos and Martinelli. Two quite different styles, but with one shared purpose: to offer top quality in our designs.

At Pikolinos we've been working since 1984 to make each shoe unique; each season is a challenge we take on using all our experience and know-how. Pikolinos is a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world. It's the search for happiness that begins, always, with the comfort of our creations. The commitment to good craftsmanship, the legacy handed down to us and our expertise with leather mean that quality is our greatest attribute. Get comfy and let happiness start with your feet.

With Martinelli we set the standard in terms of elegance. Our shoes are a safe bet, with quality and design the main reasons why an ever-increasing number of people are opting for Martinelli elegance. Being Martinelli means having an attitude based on distinction and good taste. It's about enjoying beauty as a form of artistic expression. It's choosing simplicity as a way of life and, naturally, our shoes are the best example of everything we believe in. Will you join us?


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